Welcome to The Kiltmakers Chronicle

The story of tartan and kilts iconic role in Scotland's History is a well documented one, with many old and new publications delving into the dramatic tales which surround them. But, the actual craft of kiltmaking has little documentation in comparison. The Kiltmakers Chronicle aims to lift the lid on the beautiful and highly skilled craft of handmade kiltmaking, looking deeply at the history surrounding it, how it is done and the people involved.

This blog started life in 2019, as a simple series of online articles under the title A Life in Tartan. It soon became apparent that the blog was growing in momentum and popularity, and possessed valuable content spoken from a prominent place in the wider Highlandwear industry which needed a more official platform.

The Kiltmakers Chronicle is written by Emma Wilkinson - a team member, and proud to be so, of the business at the forefront of the Highlandwear industry, Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers. I take care of all of the marketing aspects of the business, I teach our kiltmaking students as part of the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy and, at the heart of it all, I am a dedicated kiltmaker. This blog and work of GNK and EKA is also the catalyst of an exciting monthly newsletter you can sign up to here or via the GNK and EKA websites.

The articles featured will be carefully written, from a great deal of on going research from a number of different sources. The topics covered will look at kiltmaking and tartan from a practical and creative, as well as theoretical and research based stance. The past, present and future of the industry will be considered throughout - where have we been, where are we now, where are we going with kilts and tartan?

I truly hope you enjoy The Kiltmakers Chronicle and appreciate the true passion for the industry and the commitment to keep learning which drives it.