Gordon Modern

Regimental Weight, woven by House of Edgar

Animo non Astutia - By Courage not by Craft

Clan Gordon has records dating back 900 years, to around the 1100's. Throughout the Wars of Independence, they were strong supporters of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce who followed him. It was following this that the Gordons' took on the title of Earl of Huntly, later to be styled the Marquesses of Huntly taking their seat at Huntly Castle, Aberdeenshire.

The Gordon's had some big name can rivals! The Campbells, the Lindsays, the Forbes and Clan Douglas to name a few.

By the Jacobite Risings, there were Gordon's fighting on both sides, from the 1715 to the 1745 Risings. Since, two regiments of Gordon Highlanders have been raised from Clan Gordon, the first in 1777 and the second in 1794. The Scottish Register of Tartans has Gordon tartan dated at 1793. The sett is primarily that of the Campbell sett - a moving centre with altering styles of tram lines across the blue bands but with a crucial difference, a bold golden line breaking up the green band below. The Highland Regiment wear what can be identified as Gordon Modern - deeper tones of blue and green beneath the bold gold. Notes of registration from the Scottish Register of Tartans: "The Gordon tartan is the regimental tartan of the famous Gordon Highlanders and was selected by Alexander, the 4th Duke from a choice of three submitted by William Forsyth, a weaver and outfitter from the town of Huntly. Forsyth wrote on 15th Aprl 1793, 'When I had this honour of communing with His Grace the Duke of Gordon, he was desirous to have patterns of the 42nd Regiment plaid with a small yellow stripe properly placed. I imagine the yellow stripes will appear very lively.' A Gordon website claims that the Duke offered the other two Forsyth samples Gordon Branch or Cadet Families. The Gordons of Hallhead and Esslemont selected the tartan with three yellow lines and the Gordon-Cumming of Altyre and Gordonstoun chose the tartan with the two yellow lines. The earliest known date from a list compiled by D.C. Stewart from Wilsons of Bannockburn letters is 1798."