Cultivating A New Realm for Scottish Culture: Bana Whisky Collaboration

2019 saw a new concept knock on the tried and tested whisky industries door - a malt whisky designed for women, by women. All of the attitude and timeless sophistication of whisky remained, but with an accessible twist through thoughtful branding which brought it to a wider audience of women.

This concept was thought up by graphic designer, Holly Goodall and brought to life by beautiful models, dramatic photography, jaw-dropping landscape and a fusion of traditional meets contemporary through fashion.

Concept and Design by Holly Goodall.

With Garments from Emma Wilkinson,

Highlandwear from Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers and coat by Olivia Gabraitis.

Photography by Waimi Luki.

Modelled by Maria Wiik, Hannah Keenan and Eliza Lawrence.

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The photoshoot was also worked into a promotional advertisement.

Scottish culture, of tartan and pipes, Gaelic and whisky, has survived and revelled in an ever changing world because it is timeless and adaptable. It's captured the hearts of generations of natives and passers-through. At its very roots it is beautiful and tells a story while serving as an unwavering source of inspiration for so many. To be a part of pushing it forward and securing its future in this increasingly fast-paced and changing world, is both an honour and of the greatest importance to a cultures survival.